1. Lets start by signing up

2. Great! Now before we can add any targets, we need to know what you're shooting with. Go ahead and add a gun

3. Perfect! Now go to the range and take a picture of your finished target. Or if you already have one, lets create a new target entry. You can always add an entry at the rage as well! Target archive works great on mobile!

Is there a iOS or Android app?

Not yet, however the site works 100% on mobile browsers including uploading photos or taking photos from within the app.

Is Target Archive free?

We offer a free trial that allows you to add upto 2 guns and add upto 5 target entries to see if the app is right for you. A subscription is only $1.99/month and includees adding unlimited guns and targets.

Is Target Archive Secure?

Absolutely! We use HTTPS site wide no exceeptions. We aslo do not store payment information, keeping your information safer.

Why do you need my email?

This is the eaiest way we can make sure each user is unique. We take your email very seriously and will never abuse having it. You will only be contacted for account related issues e.g. forgotten password or subscription has failed.

Help! It's not working!

Yikes! Email support and let me knows going on. Chances are it'll be a quick fix.

Please contact us through our support email. Rest assured it will get to me and I'll get back to you quickly.